Three charged in Westport home invasion

Westport police are investigating anarmed home invasion that took place on Friday.

A man told police he answered the doorof his home when a suspect forced open the door and pointed a handgun at him, forcing him to the floor and demanding money.

A female resident tried to physicallystop the suspect, but she was pushed to the floor.

The suspect grabbed a purse and fledinto an awaiting vehicle.

Police{}were given a description of the car and soon found a car matching thedescription along Route 88.

Three occupants of the car wereremoved and taken into custody. A black semi-automatic weapon was recovered andit turned out to be a BB gun with a removable magazine.

Arrested were Christopher Matton, 21of Fall River, Wendy Phaneuf, 42 of Fall River and Marianne Medeiros, 42 ofFall River.

Matton was identified by the homeowneras the intruder. He is charged with home invasion with a firearm, armedrobbery, kidnapping, armed assault in a dwelling, assault and battery with adangerous weapon and conspiracy.

Both women were charged withconspiracy to commit those crimes.