9-year-old boy calls 911 and saves occupants from fire

The fire broke out around 4:30 Saturday morning here at the home on Dartmouth Street...waking neighbors from their sleep.

D'Marcus Lopes is one of those neighbors, he told NBC 10 "I woke up heard fire trucks, there were fire trucks all around, and I looked the house was on fire"

That house had 4 people inside, 3 adults, and a 9 year old boy, who officials say made the 911 call.

According to Chief Michael Gomes that 9 year old boy "was giving us information that there were people trapped in bedroom and they couldn't get to them."

Officers on scene first helped rescue one occupant, the boy's mother, who was found at the top of the stairs and then with reports of two additional people trapped on the second floor they moved to rescue them.

The district fire chief told NBC 10 that those other two people were the boy's father, who appeared to be ok, and a 23 year old man who had to be rescued by fire personnel.

Both he and the boy's mother were taken to Rhode Island hospital with more serious injuries.

The district chief told NBC 10, it was a smoke detector that woke up the 9 year old, who then woke up his parents and called for help.

Fire officials say this shows the importance of having working smoke detectors in your home, and coincidentally, this is the weekend (when we turn the clocks ahead) that they remind all of us to change the batteries and make sure that they are working.

A combination of a working detector, quick emergency response and the brave actions of a 9 year old boy prevented a serious situation from turning to a tragedy.