Thunderstorms bring down trees in East Bay

Five large trees toppled in a Warren backyard

A line of thunderstorms dropped heavy rain and hail Tuesday on parts of Southern New England.

And the fast moving storm made a mess along Route 136 in Warren Tuesday afternoon.

Trees were uprooted in more than a half dozen yards as pounding hail, driving rain, and whipping wind tore through the area just after 4 p.m.

Buffy Accinno told NBC 10, "The wind started to pick up. Then the hail started. The windows started to shake. The door was bowing in the house. The trees started falling. And we just laid on the floor it sounded like a train going by big huge pieces of hail hitting the windows. You couldn't even see out the windows." Her yard was littered with tree limbs.

So was Kim Rose's. "I saw the limbs and I didn't realize how extensive it was until I went in the house and saw that the tree had actually come through the window, broke the glass. I have a tree up against the house on the other side. It's very overwhelming. I think I'm kind of in shock actually," she said.

On Brittney Lane, a tree landed on a pick-up truck and another damaged a backyard pool.

And in Paul Andrade's yard, five large trees uprooted in a row. "It was just a lot of hail. It was crazy. I can't explain it. 47 years I've been alive. Never seen it," Andrade said.

Despite the damage, there did not appear to be any reports of injuries.

The National Weather Service tweeted that a large tree had fallen on Devonshire Road in Barrington.

The state's dominant utility, National Grid, said about 2,100 homes and businesses in Newport County were without power as of 7 p.m. Tuesday. Outages were also reported in Bristol and Washington counties.