Tiverton fire station recovering from sewage leak

Sometimes working at the Tiverton fire station on Main Street really stinks.

Chief Robert Lloyd said a broken sewage pipe was discovered Tuesday night at the almost 60-year-old firehouse and the smell overpowered the building.

Firefighters noticed the problem after finding a number of flies in the bathroom. They opened up a hatch that led to a crawl space under the building and found the sewage leak.

"We got a hold of Clean Care New England and they came in and started doing work to try to render the station safe for us," Lloyd said.

Lloyd said firefighters' beds have been moved and the plumbing in half of the building, including the kitchen sink and in the main bathroom was shut off.

"Our bigger concern is firefighters have no place to shower. So if they get a bad call and they need to come back and get cleaned up, we need to switch them around between different stations," Lloyd said.

Lloyd hopes the plumbing will be fixed within the next day or so and praised his staff for adjusting to the situation for the good of the community.

"We didn't really want to move the crews from the north end of Tiverton because this is our busiest station. And that's what we want, to try to have as quick a response as possible," he said.