Tolman hockey skating to an end

This is the final year of boys' hockey at Pawtucket's Tolman High School, but money has nothing to do with the sport being dropped.

At 10-2-1 the Tolman Tigers are having a great hockey season. But with just 13 players and no sophomores or freshman -- combined with a diminished youth league -- the Tolman hockey program will end after this season.

"We just don't have the bodies. We are only going to have three guys here next year. It was pretty much a no brainer, unfortunately. It's a shame, but there is just not enough bodies playing hockey in the city," Tolman head coach Steven Reynolds said.

There are three juniors on the Tolman hockey squad who want to play hockey next year, but the question is, where will they play?

"I was pretty sad that I wasn't going to have a senior year, I'm hoping that a team will hopefully take me and my other two teammates to play for them," said Jared Pedro, a Tolman junior.

"We are trying to find a team that is local, that we will be able to go to for practice and one that is in need of players just like we are," said Teddy Reall, a Tolman junior.

"We don't want to spit up. We want to still play for the same team, play with each other. If we could we would sill play for these guys, but that's not going happen," said Kristopher Wallace, a Tolman junior.

"I feel bad for these guys; hockey is their life. The seniors are getting to enjoy their year and the three juniors who are left over, it will be a shame if they are not allowed to enjoy their senior year," Reynolds said.

Tom Mezzanotte, the executive director of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League, said the league is looking into other opportunities for the three players, including a co-op team with another school to give them a chance to play their senior season.