Top state police administrator suspended

Courtesy Rhode Island State Police

The third-highest ranking memberof the Rhode Island State Police has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Col. Steven O'Donnell told NBC 10News on Thursday that 45-year-old Lt. Col. Wilfred Hill is off the job while aninquiry is taking place.

O'Donnell could not comment onthe allegations due to the policemen bill of rights, only saying that thesituation is being taken very seriously.

The case is being investigatedinternally by both Rhode Island and Massachusetts state police because Hill isa top administrator.

According to the ProvidenceJournal, in August,{}Hill was granted a three-year long restraining orderagainst a 23-year-old Providence woman who had been a candidate to be a RhodeIsland State Police trooper.

The Journal reports that aboutone month after that order of protection was granted the woman, Salome Hackneywas then also granted a restraining order, against Hill, which was laterdismissed.

According to the newspaper, Hackneyclaimed she and Hill had a two-year relationship which eventually becameviolent. The Providence Journal says Hackney had even provided the court withphotos of injuries allegedly caused by Hill.

NBC 10 went to Hackney'sProvidence home to see if she could confirm the allegations, but no one came tothe door.

NBC 10 also spoke briefly Hill andhis wife over the phone and they said they are not going through a divorce.

The 22-year veteran was promoted in April.The job includes overseeing the state police training academy, sheriffs,capitol police, fire marshal and the emergency telephone system.