Town considers options for homeless police department

A recent report released from the Massachusetts of Public Health said there are more problems with mold and corroded coils in the Dartmouth Police Station headquarters, and town officials are considering whether it's even worth trying to fix.

"There will be several hundred thousand dollars cost if we renovate this building. And it's in a flood plain and you need to balance that with the cost of a new station," said Dartmouth Selectman Michael Watson.

The Dartmouth Police Department has been out of its headquarters for months following the discovery of the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's disease in its water system.

It has been operating out of trailers since March.

Watson said the town actually has the money for a major restoration if it's determined to be the best course.

"The town has done a really good job in building a stabilization fund in the last six years. I think it's somewhere north of $5 million or $6 million. So we would have some funds available to bring to town meeting for a rehab, if that's the most optimal solution," he said.

As far as Chief Tim Lee is concerned, he just wants a safe place for the staff to work.

"If it works out for reasonable money we can build a new building, that's fine. If for reasonable money it can be fixed, that's fine. We just need to get something down because obviously this isn't sustainable long-term," he said.

Lee praised his staff and his officers saying that citizens in the town wouldn't even know the department is virtually homeless. He said services have not suffered at all.