Tree house donations hit close to home


It's quite the tree house, two stories, but for homeowner Anya Martira, it's not really a fit.

You see tree house was part of a televised extreme makeover on the Warwick home back in 2008

Martira bought the home from that family a year ago January, and as nice as the tree house is, her kids are too old to really make use of it.

So she posted on line she wanted to donate it.

One of the responses she got was from the owner of Totally Kids Child Care center in Warwick.

"So I wanted it to go to daycare rather than anyone else because it can be outgrown by them, whereas a daycare it can be used all the time," said Martira.

She had the place she wanted to donate to, now they just needed a way to get it there.

That's where Bay Crane Northeast came in to the picture.

The owner of Bay Crane is donating the equipment, employee Jim Chaves is volunteering his time.

"We have to take a fifty five ton crane, set it up in the driveway, on wood to protect the driveway, then the tree house will be taken apart in two pieces while on the ground, we'll put slings underneath it and hoist it up and over the house, the garage" said Chaves.

What makes the donation even more meaningful, after Martira decided to donate the tree house to Totally Kids, she found out that the son of one of her friends attends the preschool. That friend, Lori Robeiro, recently lost her battle with cancer.

"When I went to visit her in Hospice, I told her the tree house in my yard would be donated to the daycare so Logan would be able to play with it all the time, " Martira said.

Martira is now raising money to fix up the tree house once it's moved; any leftover money will go toward a fund that's helping Ribeiro's family with medical expenses.

Donations to that fund can be sent to:

Lori Ribeiro Memorial Fund

C/O Lynn Eaton PO box 9324. Warwick 02889

For tree house donations: