Trending: World's most haunted island up for auction

Poveglia Island, Italy Wikimedia Commons


A small "haunted" island off the coast of Italy near Venice hit the auction block. The Italian government wants to sell a 99-year lease on the island of Poveglia to anybody brave enough to buy it, according to NBC News.

The notorious island is known as the most haunted place in the world, according to Located only five miles off the coast, the island used to be the quarantined territory for those infected by the plague in the Middle Ages. Later, in the beginning of the 20th century, an insane asylum was built there.

The asylum was run by a doctor known for cruel experiments and botched lobotomies, according to The Independent reports that the doctor killed himself by jumping off a bell tower. The place was abandoned and deserted after the asylum was closed.

The island has set empty ever since, visited by ghost-hunters and thrill-seekers.

A British media outlet reached out to the Italian government asking for a price that the island might sell for, but officials would not comment. Bidders can place offers on the island by going to an Italian website, according to NBC News.

The accompanying photos were taken from a YouTube video uploaded by the British travel writer Robin Saikia who traveled to the island a few years ago.