Testimony begins in trial of man accused of gruesome murder

Prosecutors in the trial of 53-year-old Donald Greenslit told the court Friday that the suspect killed his girlfriend, dismembered her body and tried to burn the remains in a stove.

The Johnston man is accused of killing of 39-year-old Stacie Dorego in January 2012. She was the mother of his two children.

During testimony, Erica Vieira identified Greenslit as the man who she says lives next door to her cousins in Johnston.

She said she was visiting them at 14 Pershing Road on Jan. 22, 2012. She said at about 7:45 on that Sunday night, she and her cousin saw smoke filling the kitchen of the Greenslit house and called the fire department and the police.

"They were greeted with, 'No! No! You called the police?'" prosecutor Dan Guglielmo said.

The prosecution and witnesses said that Greenslit told neighbors and responders to the scene that he didn't have heat and was burning wood to keep is two young children warm.

But Guglielmo said firefighters found a grizzly scene by the fireplace.

"There is no head. There is no arms. Legs hacked off at the knees. There is a circular saw near the fireplace with entrails stuck to it," Guglielmo said.

But the defense pointed to forensics saying that science will prove the defendant not guilty.

"You will not hear any forensic evidence associating my client to that basement," defense attorney Mark Dana said.