Troubles continue for haunted display in Woonsocket

The haunted display on Blackstone Street in Woonsocket is still very much open, despite city inspectors ordering it to shut down Wednesday. Inspectors now say they'll take the owners to court.

Dave and Charlene Densmore built the elaborate homemade Halloween display, complete with temporary walls and a tarp roof, outside their home. They're refusing to close up shop.

Dave Densmore told NBC10 Friday night, "We've been through it left and right to make sure it's safe. And we believe it is absolutely, positively safe."

City inspectors disagree because the Densmores did not get building or electrical permits the inspectors claim are required for such a structure.

Densmore says, "This is not hurting anybody. Nobody."

The Densmores encourage folks to come through the display in exchange for a food donation for a local church.

When NBC10 called the city inspector's office, apart from saying they'll be taking the Densmores to court, they would only say it's because he's letting people into the display. They said they'd provide NBC10 a more detailed statement on their position, but they did not.

It's unclear when the city would go to court.