Trying to stay cool in summer school

It's Thursday and outside of school in Central Falls, the sun is scorching.

"It's very hot. It makes me want to go home and sleep," Jadin Alers said.

But students like Alers and his friend Joey Vargis said it's much better inside.

"When I walk in, it's just like a lot of cold air," Alers said.

A bunch of fans and some air conditioners make learning bearable.

"It's too hot. They should have ACs in the hallways too," Vargis said.

Vargis and Alers are among a group of sixth graders learning about gardening outside and working with the media.

Central Falls teachers say the district is taking lots of steps to make this summer bearable.

"I expect it to be hot. I fell like it's hotter this year. But with the fans and standing AC units, it's been a little cooler," said Oberon Redman, a teacher.

The schools are old and it would cost too much money to put in central air, so the district bought smaller AC units that cool down classrooms without overtaxing the outdated electrical system.

Teachers said they notice the heat more than the students, but water jugs help keep everyone happy.

"Each classroom goes through a big drum of water each day, I've been noticing. So these kids are going through a lot more water I'm noticing," Redman said.

Just the simple things to keep everyone cool, comfortable and ready to learn.