BK, Jeep Twitter hacking traced to Southern New England

Hackers put McDonald's Golden Arches on Burger King's Twitter feed.

The Twitter accounts of Burger King and Jeep were the focus of many more users than normal on Monday after suspicious activity -- most likely the work of a hacker -- appeared on their respective feeds.

Tech website Gizmodo has images showing McDonald's branding on Burger King's Twitter feed.

The Internet trail seemingly leads to Southern New England. Many tech websites identify the hacker as a local party DJ that goes by the nickname "iThug" on several Internet sites.

A Facebook conversation with an unknown woman seems to show iThug bragging about his exploits saying things like, "u like dat," and sending a smile emoticon when the woman suggests Wendy's might be next.

History tells us that serious consequences may be forthcoming. In 2005, members of a group that hacked Paris Hilton's cell phone served time for their role in the prank that ended in all of her contacts being made public on the Internet.