Police: Man admits to robbing two banks in 15 minutes

Robert Augustine

Taunton police said Monday that a 67-year-old man robbed two banks over the weekend and admitted the whole thing.

Residents said Robert Augustine generally kept to himself at his senior housing complex in Taunton.

"Just always been a quiet man, just comes and goes. Nods once in a while or waves," said Lillian Ricketts.

Ricketts and her neighbor, Victoria Macinnis, said they were surprised to hear Augustine not only robbed two banks Saturday, he admitted to committing both crimes before being taken into police custody.

"Everybody is shocked. They really are," Ricketts said.

"I didn't think he would do something like that. I didn't think he was swift enough to do something like that," Macinnis said.

Police said Augustine robbed an Eastern Bank branch on County Street in Taunton at about 9:30 a.m. Saturday and that 15 minutes later, he robbed a Santander Bank branch on New State Highway in Raynham.

"He acknowledged that he was involved in both the bank robberies and that he was desperate, and desperate people do desperate things," said Taunton police Lt. Paul Roderick.

Acting on a hunch one of Taunton's police officers decided to wait at Webster Bank to see if he'd strike again.

The officer "went to the bank thinking, there's been two bank robberies within 15 minutes of each other. What if?" Roderick said.

That hunch turned out to be right. The officer matched Augustine's clothing and face to security camera footage, followed him home, questioned him and made an arrest.

Augustine, who has no priors, could face three to five years in prison.