Two Westport firefighters injured in roof fall

A Westport firefighter tumbled about 20 feet while working on a chimney fire.{} He fell from the roof of a two-story home on American Legion Highway to the ground below.

He was taken to Rhode Island Hospital and is expected to survive.

Westport Fire Deputy. Chief Allen Manley said, "I know he was conscious when he left the scene and remains conscious at this time.{} So thumbs up, we're hoping for the best."

Another firefighter also fell, but not as far.{} He landed on a dormer and was taken to Charlton Hospital in Fall River to get checked out.

No word yet on what caused the men to fall.

As far as fighting fires, the deputy chief says chimney fires, like the one they were working on, are relatively routine.

"Typically they're not what we consider real dangerous because they are mostly outside operations. With the freezing weather and there's the possibility there was some water on the roof.{} So it makes it that much more difficult for them," Manley said.

Both fire and police investigators are now trying to determine what went wrong on the roof.

"Just as an accident reconstruction so we find out what happened so we can correct that in the future, make sure it doesn't happen again," Manley said.