Understanding math anxiety

The thought of a math test can make even the most confident student stressed out. But for some, the feeling goes way beyond a little worry.

The most important thing you can do when you see your child struggling is to get involved. Arrange for after-school help from the teacher or hire a tutor who can break down the concepts.

Education experts say math is the one subject that is nearly 100 percent cumulative. Students need a strong foundation or they'll fall behind.

Test anxiety increases in any subject, but especially when kids sit down knowing they're not fully prepared. The best way for a student to study is to make a practice test and solve the problems as if it's the real exam.

If your child still feels stressed on the day of the test, studies show it helps when students write down their worst fears right before the exam. Students who do this perform just as well as their non-anxious peers.

Whether negative feelings towards math begin early on or in high school, it's never too late to help your child turn the corner to success.