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      Unemployed must now post resumes on job site

      Unemployed Rhode Islanders are now required to post their resumes to the state's online job board or temporarily lose their jobless benefits.

      The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training says the requirement went into effect Sunday.

      "Your best bet to get re-employed is to look at the unemployment as an opportunity to get another job. And the sooner you do that and take advantage of the services, the better off you're going to be and the sooner you will be able to get a job," said DLT Director Charles Fogarty.

      Rhode Island's unemployment rate is among the nation's highest, at 7.7 percent. Over 43,000 people were reported as being out of work in July.

      Those filing new unemployment claims have six weeks to get their resumes online at EmployRI.org or the department will shut off their benefits until they do so.

      NBC 10 asked about potential security breaches. On two occasions, the department's system has been scammed, affecting a few hundred people.

      "These are resumes that are accessed only by registered employers. In the day we live in today, data breaches are common," Fogarty said. "We certainly do our best to provide the security and what that has happened in the past, we've done our best to notify people. But whether it's a bank or Apple, it can happen and we do our best to minimize them."

      Fogarty said the requirement will help connect jobseekers to the state's job board and career service centers earlier in the claims process and help them conduct more focused, effective job searches.

      "One of your first steps in getting another job is getting that resume online. And yes it's a requirement. And if you don't, there is a consequence to it," he said.

      The Associated Press contributed to this report.