URI coach gets added perks in contract extension

University of Rhode Island basketball coach Danny Hurley did not receive an increase in salary, despite signing an extension two weeks ago. However, the new deal comes with a wealth of additional perks.

In addition to having his contract term extended an additional two years through 2020, Hurley also secured additional program benefits. Among them:

  • An additional $25,000 in a salary pool for support staff (now totaling $400,000)
  • 4 air charter flights for the team during each season
  • Renovations for team offices that must begin by June 15 and completed by August 30
  • All remaining annual funds from URI's booster club, if the club ends the fiscal year with a positive balance (money must be used for "the advancement of the team")
  • A new graduate assistant position for a member of the strength and conditioning staff.
  • A regular table of food for the team, at the Ryan Center, with a menu approved by Hurley.

The new deal also stipulates that Hurley will receive $300,000 if he's terminated prior to April of 2014, $250,000 prior to April 2016, $150,000 prior to April 2017, and $75,000 prior to April 2018. Once Hurley reaches each milestone date, his severance compensation decreases.

The new contract also contains an interesting stipulation regarding apparel supplier Adidas. In the contract, the university agrees to use all efforts to remove the team's obligations with the company. And all future apparel and footwear supplier agreements with the men's basketball team must be approved by Hurley.

The deal was signed on April 11 and was completed following multiple reports that Hurley was offered the head coaching job at Rutgers. When asked by NBC 10 if he was officially offered that job, Hurley avoided the question and stated that his focus remains on URI.

Hurley's current contract calls for a base salary of $300,000 per year, with an additional $300,000 guaranteed via gate receipts and other benefits. All told, if Hurley hits all of the performance-based incentives in the deal, the value of his original contract was $700,000 to $800,000 per year.

NBC 10 obtained a copy of Hurley's new contract, through a Freedom of Information Act request.