URI produces marine biologist webcast on sharks

A panel of marine biologists from the University of Rhode Island fielded questions Thursday about sharks via a Google Hangout.

The group fielded questions from fossils, to shark fin function to migration patterns. And the questions came from all over the world.

"There are a multitude of different sharks of all different shapes and sizes. And we're getting exposed to them more and more now with some of them being found live, like fill sharks that are coming up from the depths. And we've been exposed to goblin sharks that have a very bizarre jaw suspension," said marine biologist Jason Ramsey.

While the initial audience for the 11:30 a.m. Hangout was small, it's been archived and being linked to reach all of those who can't get enough about sharks.

"That's why there's a shark week. There's not a trout week, or a tuna week, or anything like that because, occasionally, sharks will attack people," said marine biologist Brad Wetherbee.