URI students pay tribute to 'excellent' cashier

Helen Plummer

Helen "Nonni" Plummer was simply known to students at the University of Rhode Island as the "excellent lady."

"She absolutely loved coming to work every single day," one student said.

Plummer was a cashier at a CVS store nearby campus. And she wanted everyone to "have an excellent", her own version of the phrase "have an excellent day."

Plummer died this week, but she left an excellent impression on the students who she served.

"She wanted to know every student's major and she became sort of a celebrity in the area," said student Adam Schumter.

Schumter said the news of Plummer's passing circulated campus fast, and everyone took to social media to express their condolences for her family.

"She always had her own people following her because she had such a good, outgoing attitude," said Mark Plummer, Helen's son. "I'd hear it from everywhere, 'Oh, that's your mother? She's famous!' I got a lot of that when (people) found out who I was."

Students, alumni and others came together Wednesday to reflect on the impact she had on their lives.

"Wherever she went, she brought joy and happiness to people," Mark Plummer said.

Helen Plummer was 67 years old.