Vandalism closes West Warwick church

Police say someone broke into and vandalized a storefront church in West Warwick.

The damage was found Sunday just before services.

"When I walked in, it was unbelief," said Pastor Kenneth Ordway of the Harvest Fellowship Church of God.

Someone broke in and with a can of black spray-paint, splattered hate language and symbols all over the walls.

"It was just overwhelming. As I walked in and continued to observe all the things that were written on the walls and the destruction of the equipment," Ordway said.

"The realm of the graffiti was across all different realms. We had Nazis swastikas. We had white Hispanic gangs, and then we had Muslim stuff spray-painted on the walls also. So, it crossed all different realms. It's kind of a sticking point right now with us. So, we don't know what it is," West Warwick police Sgt. Scott Amaral said.

The church is closed for the time being, but pastor said the destruction will not deter his mission.

"We are unable to use the building at this point. It doesn't stop us. We will continue. But it's upsetting to realize that there is really no way that we can use the building at this time," Ordway said.

Police said they have no leads and that they would appreciate any tips from the public.