Verizon Unleashes Motorola's Droid Ultra

Motorola has come out with a handful of new phones and I'll be reviewing a few of them.

They have similar features and of course different pricing.

We're starting off with the middle of the road Droid Ultra exclusive to Verizon.

This phone is SKINNY.

In fact the Droid Ultra is the thinnest 4G LTE smart phone available, measuring just over 7mm. This phone won't bulk up your pockets and will easily slide into your clutch purse.

On the flip side it has a massive and beautiful 5-inch HD screen and to go along with that, some notable sound.

The new series of Motorola phones has some cool voice control run by Google now. Basically its like Apple's Siri.

Another cool feature is quick capture.

Twist your wrist twice quickly to launch the camera- anytime.

Doesn't matter if its in sleep mode or in an app.

This is perfect if you have you hands full. No swiping or button pushing!

BUT-something to keep in mind the ultra only has 16GB of internal storage and no SD card slot.

Check out the article from Mashable all about the Droid Ultra and its Motorola friends. There's a link included

You can find the Ultra for just under $200 at Verizon.