Vets say rescued eagle may have brain injury

3D Reconstruction scan reveals a shotgun pellet lodged in the right side of the brain.

A young eagle first thought to be injured, and then thought to have been shot, continues to undergo testing to determine just what happened.

The eagle was rescued after the blizzard near the Central Landfill in Johnston. It's now resting being cared for by the Ocean State Veterinary Specialists and the Wildlife Rehabilitators of Rhode Island rescue group.

"A 3D reconstruction CT scan performed Tuesday at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists shows the bald eagle had been shot. The red circle is the shotgun pellet which is lodged in the right side of the brain. The blue lines represent bone and sinus anatomy" says Board Certified Radiologist Susan Newell.

Vets are hopeful that the eagle will survive. But because there are shots lodged in the eagle's chest, leg, brain and other areas, they're also very cautious because the bird is showing sure signs of brain injury.

"We want her to be able to live the life that an eagle should live, and if she's not going to be able to be happy, and pretty much be able to do the things an eagle should do, I don't think she'd want to live like that," said Dr. Meredith Bird.

If you have any information about who may have shot the eagle, you're asked to call the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island at (401) 294-6363.