Vigil held for Warwick City Park homicide victim

Candles were lit, tears were shed, and flowers were laid Saturday night on the spot where John Fay, a beloved father, brother, and husband was brutally murdered by still unknown assailants.

A community looked on as John's family shared their memories of the man who was so brutally taken from them in May. As John's brother Gerald said when he addressed the crowd "we wanted you to know more of him other than he was found in a garbage can covered with debris."

Initial reports from Warwick Police said only this about his death, but now more details have been learned in the time that has past. We have learned that he defended himself and likely left his attacker or attackers with severe injuries to the face and/or the arms. We also know that when he was dragged off the jogging path that goes through the park the attackers encountered thick poison ivy and have likely needed to nurse the effects of that over the course of the last several weeks.

John's daughter Meaghan read a poem from a book given to her and her dad by an Irish poet during a trip they took together to Ireland, and the family shared photographs showing Fay as an avid outdoors man who greatly enjoyed his life.

NBC 10 spoke with Meaghan who echoed her uncle's sentiments about the main goal of the vigil. "We just wanted to change how people remembered him and for people to know who he was and to know the man and not to remember him as somebody who was just found the way he was found."

The family believes that more than one attacker carried out Fay's murder. They say he was a big man who was in great shape, an ex-military man, and a Purple Heart recipient. They ask for anyone who knows something or may know something to call the Warwick Police Department.{}