Vigil held for young crash victim

Woonsocket vigil.

Friends and family gathered at a vigil Thursday night to remember Simon Ratsamy killed in a deadly crash Wednesday night.A photo of Ratsamy at the site of the vigil was taken just a week ago.{} It shows the 21-year-old in cap-and-gown, graduating from Community College of Rhode Island.

"I'm just in a bad dream. Then when I wake up, my son will come through that door," said Chitpason Ratsamy, the mother of the crash victim. She still speaks of her only son in the present tense, describing him as a caring, loving young man who likes to play sports and spend time with friends.

But the family members and friends gathered here at her house are remembering him as he was, a young man who wanted to work in the field of fire and rescue.

"When you hear fire, you know, that's the first thing that comes to my mind, I'm against it. But he say helping people, saving life is what he wants to do," said Chitpasong Ratsamy.

But Wednesday night, those tables were turned. State police said Ratsamy was the passenger in a car crashed on Route 99 in Lincoln.

Police believe the car was speeding when it went off the right side of the road and hit a rock ledge, before rolling over several times.

Both men inside were taken to Rhode Island Hospital with serious injuries. The driver, Aaron Harmon, is in critical condition but Ratsamy did not survive.

"It's not all that often but cars do roll over, people do tend to speed. So although it's not an everyday event, it's all too common," said Capt. William Jamieson of the Rhode Island State Police.

Ratsamy's car is now parked across the street from his house in Woonsocket, covered with flowers and notes from friends.

At his vigil people hugged one another and cried, lighting candles in his memory.

His mother says he was the type of person many people wanted to call a friend.