2 Providence clubs to remain closed

The Providence Board of Licenses ruled Monday that two city clubs that were shut down over the weekend because of violence will remain closed for the time being.

Three people were shot in separate incidents at Jovan's Lounge and at Snubs.

Providence police Officer Robert Kells described for the board his detail at Jovan's nightclub on Portland Street this weekend. He said a disturbance spilled out into the street at closing early Saturday morning.

"There was pushing and shoving going on. There was screaming and yelling by both males and females," Kells told the hearing.

The trouble escalated when suspect Duvall Carty shot at Sgt. Curt Desautels, missing the officer, who fired back and critically wounded the suspect. Carty was still hospitalized Monday.

The city says the club is a risk to public safety.

"The entire force that was active was called to respond to the location, leaving the entire rest of the city unprotected," assistant city solicitor Sergio Spaziano said.

But the club's attorney argued the owners shouldn't be held directly responsible for the violence.

"They did everything they could possibly do to protect the public safety. These patrons came outside," Jovan's attorney Tom Hanley said.

Earlier the board also heard the case of Snubs, the scene of double shooting at about the same time Saturday morning, according to police.

One victim was critically injured.

"The call came over. Shots fired. One person shot, possibility two people shot," Sgt. Andrew Scanlon said.

Police said it started with a fight in the club's parking lot, but the club's attorney argued while testimony indicated the victims were Snubs' patrons, there was no concrete evidence the shooter or shooters were.

"These folks were not part of our patrons. They went there. They targeted certain individuals," Snubs attorney Albert Aponte Cardona said.

There have been no arrests in the Snubs shootings. Police said they're reviewing the surveillance video to help their investigation.

The license board hearings will continue at later dates.