Health club's owner says closure was planned for months

The machines stand idle, and the space is dark.

With his lease coming up at the end of the month, VIP Fit Clubs owner Dean Albanese told NBC 10 he knew it was time to close the Cranston health club.

"We just never made it. It's a beautiful club, people loved it, but we came to the end of a two-year lease and we've been planning it for six months to close," said Albanese. "All my clients knew about it."

Albanese said signs announcing the closure were up in the club's windows, though apparently they had fallen down at one point.

Someone who said he was a client of VIP Fit Clubs emailed NBC 10 to say the closure was abrupt and without notice, but the owner disagrees.

"Very sad that we had to close, but we did have a plan in place," said Albanese.

Nearby Fit World of Cranston is offering VIP members a 30-day membership free, as is Ocean State Health and Wellness in East Greenwich, which bought all of his equipment, according to Albanese.

Albanese said he hasn't received any complaints from customers, but anyone with concerns can contact him by email at