Visitors say veterans cemetery grounds in poor shape

Family members of veterans buried in the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Exeter are disgusted by the state of portions of the land around many of the grounds' 27,000 plots.

Mike Briggs, of Warren, visits the plot of his father in the cemetery and feels that the problems with the land need to be corrected.

"I've come up here and cried numerous times," Briggs said. "My mom's come up here and cried."

Many stones are misaligned on the grounds, American flags that mark certain plots are knocked over, some crushed by landscape vehicles, and some plots feature exposed tombs.

Fred Sneesby, a spokesman for the Department of Human Services which oversees the cemetery told NBC 10 after learning of the problems that "the problems are routinely repaired in the winter time and permanently fixed in the spring time."

The cemetery has received a federal $1 million grant for stone realignment.