Snow removal volunteer replacements needed to help elderly

The state's center for volunteerism says many elderly and disabled residents need help after this third snow storm in less than a week.

Serve Rhode Island says their volunteers are very tired and often available only weekends or evenings. They are asking for relief teams of new volunteers to help this week.

They suggest that during school vacation week, perhaps there are some high school students who could lend a hand.

Since the first snow storm of the year, Serve Rhode Island says it have deployed 77 volunteers who have completed 240 snow removal requests, assisting 162 elderly and disabled residents of Rhode Island.

A good number were helped two or three times over these four storms.

Volunteers are asked to provide their own snow and ice removal tools. Anyone interested can sign up to be a volunteer.{} Just register at Serve Rhode Island{}{}{} Or call Serve Rhode Island at 401-3312298.

Those who need assistance with shoveling can call the United Way's 211 help line.

During the last storm earlier this month, 35 Serve Rhode Island volunteers shoveled out 66 elderly and disabled residents.