Water destroys Pawtucket gallery

A local man is out hundreds of thousands of dollars after a pipe burst in his home and ruined hundreds of expensive pieces of art.

Contemporary Impressionist Dennis Coehlo is upset over the shoddy craftsmanship of the home he moved into on Cottage Street in Pawtucket.

Coehlo said asbestos and black mold are visible in the basement, but said the state of the home was not disclosed to him when he moved in.

He said he uses the home as part of a youth outreach program where he takes in youngsters to keep them off the street and give them a new start. He teaches the kids life skills and art.

"This house is not just a house," said Henry Perez, one of the kids that lives with Coehlo. "It's a home. It's a safe haven. It's my safe haven."

Coehlo said the money he makes from selling his art goes to providing these kids with what they need.

With all the problems he is encountering with the house, Coehlo said he's almost tapped out. He wants answers from the rental company and the owner of the home.