Only On 10: Shopping for Sugar Daddies

There are plenty of dating websites out there, but how about one to find a sugar daddy?

The idea of younger women with older, wealthier men is not new. Like everything else these days, that concept has gone digital. bills itself as, "The elite sugar daddy dating site for those seeking mutually beneficial relationships and mutually beneficial arrangements."

Like other dating sites, there are personal profiles. But on, so-called sugar daddies also include how much they are worth and how much they are willing to pay a companion, often thousands of dollars a month.

On the other end, young women, so-called sugar babies, name their price.

The site pitches such arrangements as a way for college students to help pay for school.

"It's a very honest form of dating. It's saying, this is exactly what I want out of a relationship and part of that may be, I need help paying for school, I need help paying for my business," Seeking Arrangement spokeswoman Jennifer Gwynn said.

Gwynn said sugar daddy dating is not a form of prostitution.

"We think of it as more women empowerment than something that's sleazy," Gwynn said. "It definitely walks the line. But I don't think it crosses the line."

Seeking Arrangement claims to have members at local colleges and universities, including 31 students at the University of Rhode Island, 24 at Brown University, 17 at Providence College, and 34 at UMass Dartmouth.

A UMass Dartmouth spokesman called the numbers "highly questionable." A Providence College spokesman told NBC 10 that while some people may claim to be PC students online, that does not mean they really are PC students.