West Warwick officers help save boy from river

Three West Warwick police officers assisted with the rescue of a 12-year-old boy who fell into the Pawtuxet River on Sunday.

Police said the boy was fishing in the river when he slipped into the water and carried off by the fast moving current. Police said the boy managed to cling to a branch about 100 yards from where he fell into the river.

According to police, two officers jumped into the river to try and reach the boy, but the current carried the officers to the opposite side of the boy.

Police said a third officer was able to follow the voice of one of the officers and reached the bank where the boy was clinging to the branch.

The third officer was able to grab onto a tree branch and extend it to the boy who was pulled to the river bank.

Police said the boy's clothes had been ripped off from the strength of the current of the river, but he did not suffer any injuries. He was walked to an ambulance and transported to Kent County Hospital.