West Warwick voters OK budget, avoid state takeover

West Warwick

Taxes in West Warwick are going up after a budget vote Thursday night.

A majority of residents who voted approved the tax increase that helps the town avoid a state takeover.

The state finance department already threatened to take over control if the town didn't get a budget approved that supports it's high pension debt.

Its pension problems that caused the town's bond status to be downgraded to junk level.

According to the Providence Journal this budget is the first in several years that contributes to pensions for police, fire, and city employees.

Town leaders say if they hadn't approved a new pension plan it would run out of money in 10 years.

On Thursday, 836 people voted in favor of the budget, 223 people voted against it.

Town leaders said this proves that people in the town are willing to pay up and support their plan to keep control local.