Storm brings concerns of rip currents in Westerly

Sun worshipers were out in force in Westerly on Wednesday.

And they have a nice, wide sandy beach to lay on thanks to the federal government which spent more than $3 million to replenish the sand after Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Truck after truck of quarried sand arrived.

But with the potential of another storm coming up the coast, the town's emergency management director said she's not worried about the new sand.

"It's riptides we are worried about," said Amy Grzybowski of the Westerly EMA.

She said this is such a big tourism weekend with the Fourth of July and that there will be more lifeguards on than usual. She said they'll be watching the water with extra attention because if it's not raining, there should be thousands of swimmers.

As far as coastal erosion, she said it would be nice if the 84,000 cubic feet of sand stayed put for a few beach seasons.

But Mother Nature is stronger than the plans of any of us.

And the Coastal Resources Management Council says bringing in fresh sand is, at best, a temporary solution. But it's also the one it prefers.