Williamsport is home to Little League fans

Chris Culpan, of Seekonk, visits the World of Little League Museum in Williamsport, Pa.

Little League is life here in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

From street signs, to youth baseball headquarters, everything is about these young athletes.

For the Culpan family of Seekonk, Massachusetts, this trip was planned as a summer getaway before the start of school.

"The kids are really into baseball. It's one of their favorite sports," said Marla Culpan.

The Cuplans visited the World of Little League Museum. The children had fun with the exhibits and they even saw a familiar face.

Chris Culpan was on the 1980 Pawtucket team that made it to the Little League World Series.

"Now I have two boys who are my age when I was here. So it's interesting to show them and explain to them and who knows, one's 10, one's 11. Maybe in a year or two we'll be back," Chris Culpan said.

"It's pretty amazing actually to see these big fields that I could be playing on someday maybe," Cameron Culpan said.

The family hadn't planned on staying through Friday, but since the Cumberland team is here, they are excited to root them on.

"Try and hit home runs," Jordan Culpan said.