Police: No foul play in Warwick deaths

Authorities are still trying to determine the cause of death for a woman and her 3-year-old son after their bodies were found in a car at a Warwick apartment complex.

Police said there was no trauma to the bodies of 39-year-old Kathleen Frink and her son Ryan, and they've ruled out foul play. Investigators said they were awaiting chemical and biological tests.

Officers found Frink and her son in the car at the Fairfax Village complex. Police said they lived in another part of Warwick.

Police said the car apparently had been idling for several hours.

Tenant Pattie Vallese and her sister-in-law were among those who discovered the bodies.

"My sister-in-law smelled alcohol and so we thought maybe she was passed out. She tried to make a little bit of noise without startling her too much. Unfortunately there was no response," Vallese said.

Several tenants had seen the car at various points throughout the afternoon, but it didn't immediately raise suspicion for anyone until about 8 p.m.

"There's always cars here so I didn't bother going over there. The guy on the second flood ended up spotting it. The car was running. The windows were all fogged up. They open up the doors and said the heat was like a 100 degrees inside the car," said tenant Tom Allen.

Many residents said they heard a child crying at about 5 p.m., hours before the mother and son were found, but that police were never called.

"It's a shame. If they heard and knew where the crying was coming from, that child could still be alive today," said tenant Steve Delselva.

Frink's ex-husband told NBC 10 that Kathleen was the mother of four children, and that the three oldest are his. He said Ryan was her youngest.