Woman claims day care cut son's hair without permission

The mother of a 4-year-old boy is livid after she says the owner of the day care her child attends cut her son's bangs without her permission.

"When I picked up my son on Wednesday, I noticed that he had a haircut. His bangs were cut considerably shorter than they were when I dropped him off," Jaqulyn Coates said.

Coates said the owner of Creative Child Inc. in Coventry clipped Lennon's bangs because the owner thought they were too long.

"On Friday, the owner called me and let me know that she said that she was the one who cut his hair. When I said that was very inappropriate, she told me that it was inappropriate for me to let it grow into his eyes," she said.

Coates told NBC 10 she has two children who attend the day care and that she's pulling them from the school.

A representative from Creative Child told NBC 10 that they weren't aware of the incident.

Coates said she plans on reporting the incident to the state and she's hired a lawyer.

"Because she was so indignant about it as if I was wrong for letting his hair grow," she said. "She pretty much told me it was appropriate what she did and it's not and people should know that."