I-Team: Woman claims she had sex with Pawtucket cop

An NBC 10 I-Team investigation reveals claims by a woman, who says she had sex with a Pawtucket police officer. That officers has recently been charged with domestic violence.

Officer Stephen Ricco is facing charges he assaulted his girlfriend. But woman came forward to the I-Team, claiming she had sex with Ricco, while he was on duty, over a 3-year period.

The woman who we are calling " Lisa " because she wants her identity protected, says she met officer Ricco in 2008, when he responded to her home for a routine police call. At that time, Ricco gave her his business card with his cell phone number on the back and said, " call me any time you need help with anything."

A short time after that initial visit, Ricco took " Lisa " out to get something to eat. When they were done, " Lisa" says they had sex.

"He was in uniform when we went out to eat," Lisa" said. "We went back to my house, where we had sex."

Over the next three years, "Lisa" claims she and officer Ricco had consensual sex on many occasions, once, in his police cruiser.

"I had sex with him while he was on duty, in his police cruiser."

"Lisa" claims Ricco took advantage of her when she was "vulnerable" because of personal matters. She says he was " nice at first, but then became obsessive and controlling.

"One time, when I mentioned I wanted to stop seeing him, he punched a wall right next to my head," Lisa" said.

The Pawtucket Police Department is conducting an internal affairs investigation into Ricco's behavior as a police officer, according to sources.

A spokesman for the Pawtucket Police Department told the I-Team that he "couldn't comment on "Lisa's" allegations because of the Rhode Island Policeman's Bill of Rights."

The I-Team called Ricco and his lawyer, John Harwood, but neither returned the phone calls.