Woman pays tribute to son who died in nightclub fire

Sarah Mancini's son, Keith, was on stage 10 years ago at TheStation nightclub before the Great White concert.

Keith Mancini was a bass guitarist for the opening act.

"His music was really his world. It really was. And hewas so excited that night. They really thought there would be some scouts inthe audience and they were going to maybe be discovered," Sarah Mancinisaid.

Instead, a fire erupted and took Keith and 99 others.

"Ten years ago tonight we were waiting to hear who washere and wasn't. It took us five days. I knew he was gone, but it took us fivedays to find him and identify him," Sarah Mancini said.

But now, Sarah likes to stay positive.

"So, he's up in heaven, playing his guitar and having agood time," she said.

And she's especially upbeat about the permanent memorialthat's now much closer to reality.

"Now, I can come here and know there's going to be areal super nice place to visit my son," Sarah Mancini said.