Woman says daycare confiscated daughter's fruit snacks

Michelle Pinheiro

Michele Pinheiro has two children who attend Little Angel's Daycare Inc. in Johnston. She sends them in the morning with their lunches.

But then a letter was sent home to parents on March 5 outlining appropriate and approved snacks.

"When this first came out I was actually walking through the door and my daughter handed me two fruit snacks and told me she couldn't have them because they were too high in sugar. My daughter is four," Pinheiro said.

The letter says "any food provided by the parent that is not nutritional will not be served to your child at lunch." Pinheiro says that's what happened to her daughter.

According to the letter, some of the approved snacks included pepperoni, a chocolate muffin, a soft pretzel and a corn dog.

"Those are all high in salt, some are high in sugar," Pinheiro said.

The owner of Little Angel's told NBC 10 she thought she was just following state regulations when it came to licensing, and that the food list was pulled from the USDA website, which DCYF says they follow.

Kevan Savage of the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families said something got lost in translation.

"It is not the intention of DCYF to have any food confiscated from children when it's sent to the center by the parent," he said.

Savage is telling parents to disregard the letter.

"If the department contributed (to any confusion), we apologize," he said.

Pinheiro said she's pleased that DCYF has communicated to Little Angel's to clarify the regulation.