Woman says wedding dress stolen from porch

Mary Bonnell, who's preparing for a destination wedding, said Monday that someone stole her wedding dress right off the front porch of her Providence home.

The dress was delivered last week, and the delivery company said someone signed for the package.

"It was delivered on Wednesday, but never arrived. It was stolen off of my porch before my husband could go down and pick it up. A neighbor saw a woman driving off -- running out to her car, picking up the package and running off with it," Bonnell said.

Bonnell's husband, Carlos Mendez, said he was home at the time, but didn't know the package had arrived so there was nothing he could do. Mendez said no one rang the doorbell and that he didn't sign for it.

A replacement dress arrived Monday. It's still unclear, however, if they will have to pay for the second dress.

The stolen wedding gown can't be worn by just anyone. Mary is five months pregnant.

"Hopefully, it will be resolved. I can't believe that people steal packages around Christmas. I think that's just horrible to do and whoever stole it I hope there's nothing they can do with a pregnant woman's wedding dress. I hope they're so disappointed," Mary Bonnell said, laughing.

Police have not made any arrests.