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      Woofles: A homemade treat for your dog

      (Amounts can be cut in half for smaller portion)
      Dry Ingredients:
      6 cups wheat flour
      1 cup oatmeal
      1 tablespoon baking powder
      2 teaspoons cinnamon
      1 teaspoon ground ginger

      Wet ingredients:
      1 cup{} cooked by boiling{} ground chicken
      1/2 cup cran-raisins ground in the food processor
      1/2 cup plain yogurt
      3/4 cup applesauce
      2 eggs
      1 cup cranberry juice (no sugar added)
      approximately 2 cups water (as necessary for texture)
      1/4 cup oil

      Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Set aside.
      Blend wet ingredients in food processor.
      Add wet ingredients to dry.
      Mixture should be consistency of pancake/waffle batter, add water as necessary.
      Make Woofles in a waffle iron. Let cool before cutting into bite sized pieces for your dog.
      Woofles must be refrigerated, they will be good for a week. You can freeze them for up to six months.

      For other healthy, homemade recipes for your dog go to dynamicdogtraining.webs.com.

      Proceeds from the cookbook "Chef Susie's K-9 Cuisine For the Pampered Pooch" benefit the Little Rhody Bully Breed Club, to support shelter dogs in need of a good home.