Woonsocket readies plow trucks after blizzard problems

Woonsocket is gearing up for a midweek storm after having a rough time digging out from under the blizzard last month.

"We're certainly prepared," city emergency management director and Fire Chief Gary Lataille told NBC 10.

During the Feb. 8-9 blizzard, Lataille went on television to plea for help from plow drivers because half of the city's plow trucks were knocked out of commission by the powerful storm.

But the fleet now appears to be back to normal.

"I talked to Public Works today and everything has been repaired. And actually, because of our plea from the blizzard, we're actually in better shape now," Lataille said.

Lataille said the city had 19 private plow operators on its contract list at the time of the blizzard. Now, he said there are 32.

"I think it was a matter that they didn't know how they could help the city," he said.

Lataille also said the city's snow removal budget is still in good shape, despite the blizzard