Woonsocket man charged with stabbing neighbor, dog

Clyde Ewing

A Woonsocket man is accused of stabbing a dog and its owner.

Clyde Ewing, 36, of Woonsocket, was charged with felony assault and malicious injury of an animal.

Police said he was arguing with a neighbor outside of their Fairmount Street apartment Sunday when he pulled out a switchblade and stabbed his neighbor's dog and then stabbed the owner.

"He was holding his hands up saying, 'I'm dying. I'm dying.' And at first I didn't know what happened to him and then I saw all of the blood and thought, 'Oh my God,'" said Angela Menyongai.

Menyongai said she saw the whole thing and called 911.

Ewing told police that he started the fight with his neighbor because his neighbor's pit bull was roaming around without a leash. Ewing said he was worried about his small dog getting attacked.

"Not only did he stab my neighbor, he stabbed his dog. The dog is recuperating. He only got five stitches, thank God. The dog didn't die. It's very sad," Menyongai said.

Ewing's criminal history shows he's been previously charged with assault. Documents show that in 2013, neighbors complained about threats Ewing made on their lives.

Menyongai said she was one of them.

"He kept putting his hands behind his back, and I knew he had a knife and he was about to stab me," Menyongai said.

Bail for Ewing was set at $2,500 with surety. He's due back in court July 1.