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      Woonsocket man puts up reaper display to protest city inspectors

      A Woonsocket man says he's put a large grim reaper display in front of his home to protest suspected retaliation from the city inspector.

      David Densmore told NBC 10 on Tuesday that he and his wife have had several dealings with city inspectors since he erected a Halloween display without a permit last year.

      The display says, "Invest in Woonsocket, so much to offer." It also says on a tombstone, "High taxes, #1 Foreclosures, Bad Water + Sewer, No Liberty, Trashed Home Values."

      Densmore said the sheriff came to his home Thursday and served him with a notice to appear before the city's housing court. He put up the display Sunday in protest.

      The city said Densmore's wife, the homeowner, never responded to notices from inspectors to fix minor housing infractions. The city asked the couple to remove improperly built steps, clear the area in front of electrical meters, repair the siding and clear wood, tires, ladders and other items.

      Densmore said he believes many of the city's requests were covered when a senior court issued an abatement months ago.

      City solicitor Michael Marcello told NBC 10 that the city is not trying to hassle Densmore and his wife. He said if the couple had responded to the notices months ago that no one would have to appear in court.