Woonsocket officer accused of biting husband of wife's rival

TMZ posted these pictures it says show the bloodied ear of Brian Sebastian. Nick Guilmette, a Woonsocket police officer, is accused of biting Sebastian. Their wives are featured in the Bravo show "Game of Crowns."

A Woonsocket police officer is accused of biting a man's ear while attending a premiere party for his wife's reality show, "Game of Crowns."

Leha Guilmette of Cranston is one of the stars of the Bravo's reality show about contestants in "Mrs." pageants. Her husband, Nick, is a Woonsocket police officer and is accused of biting another contestant's husband during an argument at a premiere party Sunday night at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

No charges have been filed against Nick Guilmette or the other man involved in the altercation, Brian Sebastian. TMZ posted pictures of what it said was Sebastian's bloodied ear.

Woonsocket police are conducting an internal investigation into what happened.

Sebastian and his wife, Vanassa, hosted the party. Bravo said it was a private event and that its cameras were not at the premiere.

Connecticut State police were called to the scene and broke up the altercation. State police said tribal police will carry out the investigation.

NBC 10's attempts to reach the Guilmettes were unsuccessful.