Workers protest outside federal building in Providence

Dozensof federal workers rallied to protest the partial U.S. government shutdownFriday at the Providence Federal Building on Westminster Street.

Most ofthe workers are still working, for now.

"Our jobsecurity is being used as a political football. I think it's shameful," oneworker said.

Workersblame both Republicans and Democrats for not passing a budget, consequentlyputting their jobs and paychecks in limbo.

"We wanta clean, continual resolution bill passed. We don't want any attachments,de-fund this, fund this. Just get to work. Cut the agreement and do your job,"said Fred Sacchi, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, which organized the rally.

Sacchialso works for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

He saidthe department was funded this week, but not next week. He said some of hisco-workers may be furloughed Monday.

"Wheninjured veterans come home from the war, they fight for disability benefits.And I'm one of those people that provide those benefits," said Carlton Vose,who works for the VA.

Vosesaid he wants to come to work so he can help veterans and take care of thingsat home.

"I'mtaking care of an elderly mother right now. She has a lot of bills associated withelderly issues and I need my income," he said.

He'sfiguring out what to cut, just in case.

"My lawschool student loans. They're on the chopping block. So if Sallie Mae iswatching, start politicking," Vose said with a laugh.