Yacht club seeks owner of dog pulled from bay

This West Highland white terrier mix was pulled from Narragansett Bay near the Edgewood Yacht Club.

Two members of the Edgewood Yacht Club are looking for the owner of a dog that was pulled from Narragansett Bay.

A West Highland white terrier mix was found in the water near the club on Sunday during the club's kids' day festivities.

"Some of the kids saw him trying to climb up the wall, so one of the kids went in a got him," said Leah Reynolds of the Edgewood Yacht Club.

The dog was found in the water during high tide, paddling for its life.

"Plus by virtue of his leg length, there was no way he was going to get up on that wall even at high tide," Reynolds said.

Club members Catherine White and Stuart Malone are caring for the dog and hoping to find its owner.

"The dog seems to have been well cared for. He's well-fed. So I don't think there is any reason to assume that anything bad was going on," Malone said.

Yacht club staff members said the dog was seen on Saturday night in the parking lot, but before that, they haven't seen the dog before.

The dog was pulled out of the water without tags and does not have a microchip, so finding his owner has become quite a challenge.

"The main goal is to try to find his family," White said.

She said doesn't think he was dropped in the water on purpose.

"I just can't imagine it. He just seems too well behaved. He's a family dog," she said.

If the dog is yours or you know whose it is, call 508-733-7322.