Yawgoo expects record year

Southern New England's snowy winter is a boon to businesses like Yawgoo Valley Ski Area in Exeter.

The clerks at the ticket windows on Monday didn't stopped for a moment.

"This is the second line we've had this long today," said Patti Dewardener of Yawgoo Valley.

Eight hundred skiers and snowboarders waited to get in. One woman said she waited in line at least 30 minutes.

Yawgoo said it was so busy that it had run out of some boot rentals.

"We did tell them to try their local ski shops to rent, and they're doing the best that they can," Dewardener said.

In mid-February, some businesses simply close, such as ice cream shops and waterfront restaurants.

But then there are businesses like the Freedom Boat Club that take advantage of this time of year to offer promotions.

To join the boat club at this location in Warwick, it would normally cost an initiation fee of nearly $6,000 and monthly dues of $299 a year. If you sign up now, when there are no boats in the water, after the initiation fee, you don't have to pay those monthly dues for a year.

Back at Yawgoo, patrons showed patience to get to the slopes.

"You know, we've had snow since December, since around Thanksgiving," Dewardener said. "You know, they don't all have to come on a holiday week."

Yawgoo said this will be a record year for the ski area.