Health Check: Cardiology services expanded at Kent Hospital

Kent Hospital started offering some cardiac services in the fall of last year, but the official announcement was made just a few months ago.

The Warwick hospital is partnering Brigham and Women's Hospital of Boston.

Dr. Bruce Koplan is one of the cardiac surgeons who divides his time between Boston and Warwick. His area of expertise, cardiac arrhythmias, or as Koplan likes to refer to himself -- an electrician for the heart.

Sarah Fielding, one of his more recent patients, is getting a chance to see what her procedure entailed.

"Sarah had a fast heartbeat in the upper chamber of her heart," Koplan said.

A 25-year-old with a heart condition?

"This type of arrhythmia can occur. We can see it in children all the way up to elderly ages," Koplan said.

Fielding said she's had it for a few years. Her heart would race.

"I attributed it to anxiety," she said. "It would go from 72 beats per minute to where I couldn't count it by myself. It would feel like it's coming out of my chest but I would sit down and wait for it to go away."

Fielding finally became concerned enough to get help. And while medicine can help, the only definitive cure is a minimally-invasive procedure called cardiac ablation.

Catheters were placed in Fielding's heart during a procedure in February.

Treating arrhythmia is one of many cardiac services now offered at Kent Hospital.

"We have established a program in general consultative cardiology, provide in-patient and out-patient services. We've started a congestive heart failure program which expands across the entire Care New England system," said Dr. Chester Hedgepeth, chief of cardiology at Kent Hospital.